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The Health+Care IT industry has a history of software suppliers holding their customers to ransom. Whether that’s through controlling (read: limiting!) access to their data, charging extortionate amounts for integrations or shelving entire products and forcing customers to “migrate” to new and more expensive solutions!

At Interneuron, we do things differently. Our software is open source, we are a not for profit Community Interest Company and we ensure our software is “open-by-design” through our Open APIs.

Our open Modular Care Record has been designed to keep things simple for our customers and users. The core platform (Synapse) handles data integrations, terminologies, calculations, configurations and all commonly used application services, so this need only be done once. The responsive web client user interface framework (Terminus) is reused across all our modules and is designed to make it easy to search and filter groups of patients, based on location, specialty, team or any other criteria that is available. With the fundamentals taken care of we have been able to focus on the details of each module (e.g Observations, Fluid Balance, Assessments and Electronic Prescribing among others) to ensure they are fit for purpose and easy to use.

Our modular approach means that you are able to implement only the modules you need, and our integration technology allows us to integrate with your existing systems as you require.

We want our customers to be able to ‘Keep their options Open’.

To that end, we are also pleased to announce an industry first – we’ve deployed our solutions on a publicly available playground for anyone to see what our software is capable of:

Have a look, let us know your thoughts.

Lastly, we want to improve transparency on our open source releases. In the past we’ve been slow to publish all of our developments to the public repositories on GitHub. Today, that changes – we are proud to announce our automated pipelines for publishing to GitHub:


15 Feb 2022


Matt Conway


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